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Lori Hudson ~Shamanic Healer~ Intuitive Healer ~Firewalking Instructor ~  Canada.

Lori Hudson is a seeker of wisdom and clarity, and a lifelong student of healing in methods both modern and traditional. In her practice, she blends cognitive awareness, intuition, and energy work with traditional and ancient practices such as journeying and chakra cleansing. Channeling personal gifts of compassion, intuition, candor, and humor, she enables a unique and powerful space for others to discover their true purpose and direction. 

Lori achieved Master Firewalking Instructor certification with the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education in 2012 and has led firewalks in the U.S and abroad.

She studied the ancient wisdom and healing ways of ancient Peruvian shamanism, subtle energy medicine and is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, a certified life coach and metaphysical minister. She vigorously sought out knowledge and wisdom, leading to profound personal growth. Slowly and deliberately she earned her reputation as a powerful healer. 

Today Lori lives with her horses, dogs, and cats on an 80-acre farm in the rolling hills south of Nashville, Tenn. She enjoys coaching her daughter's little league baseball team and leading personal and group sessions and firewalking retreats on her farm and internationally. 

As a child, Lori was drawn to the natural world, enjoying horseback riding, team sports, summer camp, and exploring the extensive woods and mountains surrounding her Nashville, Tennessee home. She has always preferred experiencing firsthand instead of following the status quo.

Her life as a personal guide began after a series of challenging, life-altering events. It was during this time that she found herself working as a guide at a Colorado ranch. Somewhere in the middle of caring for the horses, leading guests on cattle drives, and other outdoor activities, she realized that the deep sense of fulfillment she felt didn't come exclusively from being outdoors and around those horses. She realized that she was changing people's lives, for the better.

It was then that she began to sense her true purpose in life. Craving knowledge, she sought out books and mentors who supported her on her personal path. A path from which she's never deviated or looked back.

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