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Michael Long ~ Intuitive Spiritual  Healer ~ Toronto Canada

Love is the central source & force that unites us all.  Love is the most powerful frequency we can vibrate at-that loving intention of sending loving vibes to what ails us helps us release the pains that block us from seeing, feeling and experiencing the light that is within us.  

Michael offers the light-touch healing of light & love to help reconnect you to your spirit and your knowingness that you are a part of the divine and have the power to make transformational changes of your choosing. Having overcome his own battle with anxiety, fear, anger and depression-Michael has contributed to S.W.I.F.T. (Strength To Walk In Freedom Together) Group Therapy Support Groups for over 23 years and has contributed to rekindling people’s spirits through sharing the gifts of Light & Love for the last several years and also teaches 
Kundalini Yoga.  

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Call:  416 457 4075

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