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​​Month Psychic Medium Rosemary The Celtic Lady Founder of the American Canadian & UK associations of Psychics & Healers Accepts Prayer Requests.

Every Month Rosemary The Celtic Lady spends 7 nights in prayer. During this time she takes prayer requests from anyone who sends them in via the website. She will pray for anyone who asks! She also prays for humanity and for world peace. As she is an Ambassador For Peace. She is now asking each consultant who joins her organization to participate in this prayer work.

Please sign up below and put in your prayer request. You only have to request that prayer once. It will be prayed for until it happens for you! You must stay on our mailing list in order to stay on the prayer list. If you remove your name from the opt in list you will automatically be removed from the prayer list. We have no control over this!
If you are not already a member of the newsletter, then submit your prayer request below! You will also receive Rosemary The Celtic Lady's bi-weekly newsletter with the very latest psychic and healing advice to help you. As long as you stay subscribed, your Prayer Request will honored every month.​

Brought To You By Rosemary The Celtic Lady