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Rose ~ Energy Healer ~ Medical Intuitive~  Health & Wellness Coach ~ Canada

My name is Rose and I was born with a gift. I am a medium, among having other abilities. I inherited the gift of sight from my Grandmother. I consider myself a practical and grounded person so early in life it was difficult for me to want to have anything to do with this ability. 

Unfortunately this is not a job one can quit. As people came to me seeking answers for therelives, my days became more and more filled with those who had been sent to me by referral , this is when I realized that my purpose and direction had been in front of me all along. I am proud to embrace this very special position assigned to me this life time, and I am honored to serve all that come to me.

My hope is that all those who come to me will be able to apply the information I share with them in a very real and practical way in there day to day life, and that this will help them find peace within them- selves and direction with they`re life.

My Abilities: Read past, present, and future,Medical Intuitive Connect with those who have crossed,Past lives,Personal sessions.
Business and Corporate consultant Work with families of those who are sick and dying. Health and wellness coach and spiritual consultant. I am not a therapist or a nutritional expert. The guidance provided is strictly spiritual and I will refer my clients to professionals as needed.

Phone: 949.200.7084 or 949.777.6628       Email:         Web Site:
Phone: 949 200 7108                                Email:                   Web Site:

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